100% coverage does not mean 100% availability

Battling a 4 am bout of sleeplessness, I’m reading www.lifehack.org. Unfortunately for my rest, it stimulates rather than puts to sleep :-). And I just ran across an article that discusses the need for revamping time management. One thought is there are false indicators, accusations that are brought against us, that we take to mean that we need to manage your time better.

To quote

False Indicator #2 – Another accusation: “You don’t answer the phone every time it rings.” Answering the phone and interrupting what you’re doing is a past practice that’s not suitable for the smartphone era and its hundreds of daily messages.

I have long griped about the Romanian (but not only, trust me) habit of assuming that just because someone has a cellphone, or worse, a smartphone, they are bound and obliged to answer every call and respond to every e-mail immediately. The secret to time management, in my very inexperienced opinion, is to organize your time around your priorities, focusing on those tasks that yield the best results, and that are core to your role in the organization. Unless you are a call center or phone operator, it is highly doubtful that answering the phone whenever anyone calls you, or interrupting yourself to respond to e-mail ASAP is core to your role, and interruptions will affect productivity, as they interrupt the train of thought and creative processes.

I’m just so glad someone else said it too.


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