What I’ve learned from Rick Moonen

I love Rick Moonen. An avid fan of cooking shows and competitions, I’ve enjoyed his personality and his dedication to sustainability as both a contestant and a judge, and I hope sometime in the future to be able to enjoy his food as well (although I’m a not a fish eater, I’ll make an exception for his cooking).

However, there’s one bite from Moonen that I’ve already enjoyed: his answer to the question, “What’s a risk worth taking”, on the 30 second MBA.

He answered that a risk worth taking is assessed through the following lenses:

1. Is it consistent with my beliefs?

2. Will it generate financial rewards?

3. Will I have time to enjoy these rewards?

Question number three is a gem, and a reminder of something that I’ve often disregarded. I’ve always thought about the rewards of a job or endeavor (not only financial, but also status, professional growth etc.) but thought all too little about whether I will have the time to enjoy it. So here’s to a new business lesson in assessing risks as well as a new happiness resolution, about also my ability to practically reap my rewards, not only the existence of the rewards per se.


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