How to save an hour a day

I just read this article De unde poti scoate o ora de timp pe zi! (prima parte) and I had one question that perhaps summarizes my entire frustration with how we live our lives today.

The author tries to respond to a busy person looking to add time for yet another activity, and he shares the following tips for making the most of your time:

– Listen to self improvement audio books while driving

– Schedule phone calls for when you’re walking / going somewhere

Now, I admit I’ve done both, although I listen to podcasts raher than self improvement audio books. (I have fun with Zig Ziglar and the Zigar Inspire podcast and I improve with Manager Tools)

But I am irked by the premise that we must somehow be productive and engage in some activity at all times. And I disagree, because as I previously wrote, and as many articles show, having time to allow the mind to wonder with no set direction is the key to creativity.

Yes, we must be better organized.

Yes, we must use our time efficiently.

Yes, we must seek improvement of our selves whenever we can, despite the focus on immediate results that’s a given in our culture.

But we MUST also take the time to think, to reflect, to experience, otherwise all we bring to our employment and our lives is stale and uninspired and ultimately less valuable than a fresh idea, a new angle.

So find another 60 minutes in a day. Look at what you do when you are walking, driving, reading. But make sure that you don’t sacrifice creativity to mistaken ideas of productivity and growth.

Huh, rant over.


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One response to “How to save an hour a day

  1. Hi Corina,
    Thank you for reading the article. I totally agree with what you’re saying, about finding time for reflection and quiet thinking. I usually do this in the first hour of the day and let all my phone tasks and productivity recordings for when I walk on Timisoara’s streets.

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