Career renegades and cautionary tales

I don’t do things half-way. (It’s my best quality and my worst defect, but that’s beside the point.) So when the next in a series of challenges from the contest organized by Flacarapranzuldincaserola and PortalHR came along, asking to reflect upon a Portal HR section dedicated to Career Renegades, presenting several renegade success stories, and inviting us to be career renegades ourselves (Fii si tu un “career renegade”), what could I do but read the review of the book on the site and, convinced, go out and read the book itself.

Here’s what I learned:

To be a career renegade does not necessarily mean to reject a corporate job, be an artist or a self-made entrepreneur. Rather, it means to discover a way to monetize your passion in whatever setting is appropriate.

The “career” in the title does not solely reflect the rejection of a traditional idea of employment, it means to turn your passion into a career. And of course, a renegade career is one that is not obvious, it is something that did not exist or was not thought possible until someone thought it up or stumbled into it.

What are the ingredients for success in your renegade career?

1. Finding your passion

2. Understanding that you don’t have to be great at your passion in order to make a profitable and satisfactory living out of it. – This to me was very counter intuitive, so perhaps it was the biggest take-away from the book.

3. Find the angle that enables you to take advantage of your passion: the right approach, the right market, the gaps in existing products, services and environments related to your passion that you could fill.

The key is to take charge.

As my quote in today’s Daily Drucker says “opportunity is where you find it, notwhere it finds you”.

Step 3 should be relatively easy for a marketer.

The rest sound like a lot of work. But Jonathan Fields’ book is very persuasive about the rewards of doing so.


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